Ten Reasons Why EBooks are Better than Printed Books


If you are an author or the reader or if you love reading then you must prefer eBooks over the printed ones. There are many benefits of eBooks. Go through the following points to know about why eBooks are better than printed books:

Quicker to obtain

If you want any information anytime then you can quickly download the PDF of the eBook from the internet while sitting anywhere. Instead of waiting for the printed ones, you can easily access these eBooks.

More easily updated and upgraded

As the new information is coming day by day on books, therefore, with eBooks you can get the updated and latest information. You can get the up-to-minute information.

You can get more than just a book

Although the price of the eBook or the printed books is same but with eBook, you will always get more information on reasonable rates. For example, if you want to read all the modules of the Psychology in Modules 11th Edition then you need not buy them one by one. You can get it online eBook PDF.

Takes less space

For eBooks, you need not build a library at home as these take very less space on your PC. Even with these, you can share the information with any of your family member or coworkers.

Never use trees

EBooks never make the use of the trees. As we want the pollution free environment, therefore, we must aim at saving trees.

More portable

EBooks are very much easier to take from one place to another. You can easily access them anywhere.

References can be hot-linked

On an eBook, the references to external websites can be easily kept. During reading, you can click on those links to get extra knowledge.

Can be custom branded

You can easily allow others in order to brand your eBooks with their names or vice versa can be possible.

Find more information easily

While reading an eBook, you can easily grab extra knowledge and this will greatly save your time.

Technology will get updated

Most of the people are very slow to change but using eBook as compared to printed books will provide you with the use of an emerging technology.


Are You Aware Of the Benefits of E-Books?


EBooks are gaining the popularity in the whole world just because of their benefits.  This is the new technology in order to improve your reading.

EBooks are very easy to read

The printed size or the font size in eBooks can be easily adjusted. If you want to read with larger text then you cannot adjust this with printed books. Many eBooks provide the joy of reading like you can add bookmarks to the pages or you can also highlight the main points or lines.

EBooks are not very expensive

Generally, the eBooks are not expensive than the printed books. These books are transferred electronically and they do not make use of the paper. Therefore, these very environmentally sound. You need not visit at any bookstore.

EBooks do not put any strain on environment

When you are finished with a printed book then you have to think about the various ways with which you can you can get rid of that book from the house in an environmentally friendly way. But with eBooks, you can just delete it from your system.

EBook Availability

If you are looking for the particular author or a translation version or a particular title then you cannot get exact from the bookstores. But for eBooks, you can search eBooks online and can download them as a PDF.

What’s new coming?

The eBooks are getting more and more popular that even in the coming years this will become a trend in schools also.

Why you should join E-books?


You and I must admit that it’s hard to leave old habits but at one point it proves to be the best option. Take an example from the use of traditional hard copy and e-books, of course, some people may prefer hard copies to e-books but that’s because they have not given their time to really explore their benefits

Some even prove the need to protect their eyes from too much light but with e-readers; you can decrease the light to how much is best for you. Read on for the advantages of e-books.

  • E-books save time and money that would have been spent to access libraries. The long queues also stand as a problem to most people
  • There is a lot of portability in e-books. You can travel with them on your phone without having to worry about the extra baggage weight
  • We are in the move to deal with global warming; you and I have to stand against the increased cutting of trees
  • We love our electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets, and any Smartphone. With this, we can download any kind of article or novel provided we have Wi-Fi and read it in future

E-books are advantageous in many ways especially for the students, writers, and lecturers. Those who love to finish their work on time and perfectly done have a great chance to take on electronic books.

Front-End Web Development – The Big Nerd Ranch Guide


As we all know that front-end of the website is the part of the websites that are opposed to the back-end to which we interact with. All the creative tasks of the developers in building the user-interface fall in the front-end part of the website. Front-end development greatly targets the browser to put all the working applications in front of you.

Also, the industry of the software has been grown to the new level of development and large companies are finding the best software experts that must have knowledge in these skills.

To gain the knowledge and to learn the front-end web development you can follow the best e-book by The Big Nerd Ranch Guide namely “Front-End Web Development”. The book will definitely help you in providing the proper guidance about Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. In the End, you will get the full-fledged knowledge about building the websites and even web applications.

In this ebook you can get to know about:

  • Implementing of responsive UIs and how to access remote web services and develop applications with Ember.
  • Necessary concepts and APIs for developing modern websites and web applications
  • Interesting ways to debug and test the code with various development tools
  • Best practices for creating rich websites across all the platforms

List of Books that can Change your Thinking

Not Wasting Time we start here a Short list of some good books that can totally change your thinking :

1. Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance

Nassim NiCholas Taleb explains the impact of things like Luck and randomness on our life which people have given name “Skill” And “Determinism”. This book is filled with real life incidents and stories where luck played the most important role.

2. The Wisdom of Crowds

They say a group of person can discuss things and can only create chaos while never coming to a proper understanding but This book is something which explains that when a group of free thinking people thinks about something they come up with good ideas and better results too. This is explained through popular cultures in this world examples and psychology.

3. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

As the name suggests author of this book Chip & Dan Heath is explaining about the ideas why some of the great ideas are great and why survive for longer time than those who don’t through real life success stories, advertisements.

Its All From Us We Will keep you updated with more articles like this.

Fifty shades darker: wonderful second installment to fifty shades trilogy



Great fantasy of E.L.James has moved ahead with the second addictive installment Fifty shades darker to the fifty shades trilogy. After the first book fifty shades of grey which was the great romantic epitome for the love passionate love between Grey and Ana fans were curious for the second installment in the series of fifty shades.

Fifty shades darker is about the fluctuations in the love between grey and Ana. In the series Anna broke her relations with the young entrepreneur to start her career with the Seattle publishing house. She took this decision due to the singular sexual tastes and the dark secrets of the Grey.

Her craving for the grey dominates her with her each single thought and get fetched toward s her love for Grey after her proposal for the new arrangement. Both get united and rekindle their intense love relation with each other and Ana learns about the devastating past of Grey and even realized about her damaged, driven and demanding fifty shades.

Even on the other side Grey also grapple with his inner demons but still Ana has to confront his anger and then she understand the envy of women that came before her and lead to take the most important decision of her life.

Hence this great fantasy is the sparkling and entertaining installment for the fans of Fifty Shades.

Make Your Summers Entertaining With Fascinating Books


Scorching heat and scalding days can disturb anyone but make these summers more interesting by reading interesting books of famous and debut writers. These new release Fiction And Nonfiction Novels can turn your hot, frustrating and lethargic days into interesting ones

  • Emma Cline’s debut novel “The Girls” is going to spell on June 14th about which publishers are talking mush. This novel is about teenage girl that remain isolated and drawn into dangerous cult. This coming of age story revolves around need to be validated can go to wrong hits that spot of literary fiction that make it engaging. Even it has been reported that first part of three Books has dealt with Random house worth $2 million which is set in northern California.
  • Another debut novel which is due on 7th June that is attracting its share of buzz, is “Homegoing” written by Gyasi. in this attempting efforts author has integrated the wide reaching aftermath by following the two branches of family tree. One branch is of one daughter who got married to British Colonizer in Ghana and the other sold into slavery in America. It is about folk tales that transfer from parent to child.
  • Another pearl in the tread is due on June 14th “Barkskins” written by Proulx. It is about two Frenchmen that walk TO North America in late 17th century to be woodcutters. Author has spent her 10 year in completing this latest novel of 700 pages and 340 years of history.

“Naked Truth About Men and Romance” a book on Relationships

Dr. Kathryn Foster has written excellent book that is based on the relationships between male and females.  A psychologist that actually can read the mind of persons has written it based on her observations and researches about the couples.

In the fast pace life everyone is just running and probably no time to stop and look back for the relations so this book and help them out as it is all about the mind study and perception of men. It has been written to explore about many uncovered facts about males. There is great need to know that men and women have different brains so lead to different perception even about the same relation between the two.

How male ego can dominate the woman and how they both perceive for the things around them. This book is must read for them who are actually struggling to make better to their relations. She has revealed that bit understanding can make the sour relations to sweet ones but the need is to understand the need and perception each other.

Men are more eager for sex and physical relation approximately four times more than women so both should catch the nerves of each other to have the pleasure zone in sex relations and even if we think about romance then even fact is there to understand the need of closeness and expressing love to each other. So with this book tree of strong love relationships can grow more.

Are e-books useful?


E- Books are the books which are published digitally and known as electronic books. These books can be read online and offline on the screens of digital devices.

There is no shadow of doubt that these books are highly significant for the readers. As with the changing technology readers are getting influenced with the every invention of it and engaging more in reading the digital stuff.

These books are utilitarian for the people as they can have deep dip for the convenient learning only because of digital stuff. Many reasons can be supportive for this statement

Supportive reasons for making e-books worth

Books are considered as friends of human being but there will be nothing wrong in saying that digital books are fast friends of us. These are really worth for the readers

  • Easy access

Within few minutes and single click reading stuff can be available on our screen only because of digitization of books. Even one can search his desired book and download so instantly these can be obtained.

  • Updated and upgraded

With a snap of finger one can have the updated and upgraded information as these books are easy to access and more advanced because of the technology.

  • No stacking space

For storing the books there is no need of large space as even thousands of book can be saved in single hardware storage device which requires no stacking space.

  • Linked and synchronized information

Readers is not only restricted to read only one book as along with that number of references links are provided which help the reader to synchronize his reading.

  • Easy to carry

As digital books are portable and requires no stacking so these are easy to carry even one can carry his online library along with him anywhere and can read anytime

  • Reasonable Cost

These books are really reasonable in pricing as thousands of books even can be downloaded free of cost besides that by the paying less amount of book one can purchase number of online books.

  • Interactive

With the use of audio, video and animated photographs along with the text electronic books become interactive as help to have better understanding.

  • Reader friendly

Reader can adjust font size color and brightness according to his wish so these features make e-books more reader friendly.

  • Save trees

Due to electronic feature there is no use of paper for the text so ultimately digital books save trees.

  • Preservation for longer time

Due to more durability than the paper books these books can be saved for longer time without sacrificing its quality.

  • Less tiring

Last but the least electronic reading stuff is less tiring as reader can read them while sitting anywhere, in any posture even on any side round a clock.

Essentials of Taxation 2016: Individuals and Business Entities

Essentials of Taxation 2016: Individuals and Business Entities based on taxation and its concept . the author has written so impressive in this guide so that any one who is reading  he or she have fully clearity of  both offline and online classrooms concepts.

PDF Format Essentials of Taxation 2016: Individuals and Business Entities




The book has so  many practical examples that any one who want to clear their fundamentals they can easily clear it . this book is published by William A. Raabe in 2015. The pages of this book is approx 994 and reader of this book can easily cover the whole concepts in 2 months . The author of the book is also William A. Raabe. The Essentials of Taxation 2016: Individuals and Business Entities is available in PDF Format.