Front-End Web Development – The Big Nerd Ranch Guide


As we all know that front-end of the website is the part of the websites that are opposed to the back-end to which we interact with. All the creative tasks of the developers in building the user-interface fall in the front-end part of the website. Front-end development greatly targets the browser to put all the working applications in front of you.

Also, the industry of the software has been grown to the new level of development and large companies are finding the best software experts that must have knowledge in these skills.

To gain the knowledge and to learn the front-end web development you can follow the best e-book by The Big Nerd Ranch Guide namely “Front-End Web Development”. The book will definitely help you in providing the proper guidance about Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. In the End, you will get the full-fledged knowledge about building the websites and even web applications.

In this ebook you can get to know about:

  • Implementing of responsive UIs and how to access remote web services and develop applications with Ember.
  • Necessary concepts and APIs for developing modern websites and web applications
  • Interesting ways to debug and test the code with various development tools
  • Best practices for creating rich websites across all the platforms

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