Ten Reasons Why EBooks are Better than Printed Books


If you are an author or the reader or if you love reading then you must prefer eBooks over the printed ones. There are many benefits of eBooks. Go through the following points to know about why eBooks are better than printed books:

Quicker to obtain

If you want any information anytime then you can quickly download the PDF of the eBook from the internet while sitting anywhere. Instead of waiting for the printed ones, you can easily access these eBooks.

More easily updated and upgraded

As the new information is coming day by day on books, therefore, with eBooks you can get the updated and latest information. You can get the up-to-minute information.

You can get more than just a book

Although the price of the eBook or the printed books is same but with eBook, you will always get more information on reasonable rates. For example, if you want to read all the modules of the Psychology in Modules 11th Edition then you need not buy them one by one. You can get it online eBook PDF.

Takes less space

For eBooks, you need not build a library at home as these take very less space on your PC. Even with these, you can share the information with any of your family member or coworkers.

Never use trees

EBooks never make the use of the trees. As we want the pollution free environment, therefore, we must aim at saving trees.

More portable

EBooks are very much easier to take from one place to another. You can easily access them anywhere.

References can be hot-linked

On an eBook, the references to external websites can be easily kept. During reading, you can click on those links to get extra knowledge.

Can be custom branded

You can easily allow others in order to brand your eBooks with their names or vice versa can be possible.

Find more information easily

While reading an eBook, you can easily grab extra knowledge and this will greatly save your time.

Technology will get updated

Most of the people are very slow to change but using eBook as compared to printed books will provide you with the use of an emerging technology.


Are You Aware Of the Benefits of E-Books?


EBooks are gaining the popularity in the whole world just because of their benefits.  This is the new technology in order to improve your reading.

EBooks are very easy to read

The printed size or the font size in eBooks can be easily adjusted. If you want to read with larger text then you cannot adjust this with printed books. Many eBooks provide the joy of reading like you can add bookmarks to the pages or you can also highlight the main points or lines.

EBooks are not very expensive

Generally, the eBooks are not expensive than the printed books. These books are transferred electronically and they do not make use of the paper. Therefore, these very environmentally sound. You need not visit at any bookstore.

EBooks do not put any strain on environment

When you are finished with a printed book then you have to think about the various ways with which you can you can get rid of that book from the house in an environmentally friendly way. But with eBooks, you can just delete it from your system.

EBook Availability

If you are looking for the particular author or a translation version or a particular title then you cannot get exact from the bookstores. But for eBooks, you can search eBooks online and can download them as a PDF.

What’s new coming?

The eBooks are getting more and more popular that even in the coming years this will become a trend in schools also.